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Yoga is a mixture of physical and mental exercise, it not only makes your body fit but also keeps your mind relaxed, it helps detoxify your body and negativity from your mind. In this busy world, people need time for themselves. People are running so fast in the race of life that they forget to take care of their bodies. People’s lifestyle nowadays is just sitting on a chair and doing office work and for entertainment, they don’t go out, they just relax on their bed or sofas and watch web series or scroll social media the whole day. Physical movement is null and eating junk food has increased, people are addicted to fast food and because of all these activities belly fat is increasing. And to reduce we need to add yoga to our life.

Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

What is belly fat?

When excessive fat develops over sometime around the abdomen is called belly fat. It is caused due to lifestyle, heredity, diet, hormonal disbalance, and lack of sleep. To reduce fat around your abdomen, you can add yoga to your schedule so your body detoxifies and you don’t gain fat again.

There are many yoga postures to reduce belly fat.

Some asanas (yoga postures) to reduce your belly fat.
Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

1) Bhujangasana (cobra pose)– It helps in toning the abdomen area and helps in improving blood circulation. It strengthens the spines and improves digestion. It is part of suryanamaskar (sun salute pose), in this position firstly you need to lie down on your stopwatch and then uplift your upper body with your foot on the floor. You need to join your legs and your palms should touch the ground exactly and they should be exactly under your shoulder, and your elbow should be straight and should not bend. When you lift your head, then take a deep breath and remember to keep your navel touching the floor keep in mind that your spine should make a curve like a cobra, and try to arch your back as possible. Breathe out and gently bring your body to rest. Repeat these steps four to five times.


Navasana (boat pose)

2) Navasana (boat pose)– it helps strengthen the abdomen and reduce back pain, it also brings balance to your body. It improves digestion and improves concentration. It is a pose in which you make the triangle with help of your hand and legs and hold your legs from the thighs. Sit on a flat surface with feet together and arms side. Inhale the breath then bring your arm towards your toes then lift your feet. while stretching your arms towards your feet and holding your thighs and making a triangle or boat shape. This will focus your weight on your buttocks. Hold your posture for 10-30 seconds or till you hold your breath. Then exhale and relax your body.


Shalabhasana (lotus pose)

3) Shalabhasana (lotus pose)– strengthens the muscles, spines, legs, arms, calves, and buttocks. It stretches your chest, belly, thighs, and abdomen. It improves blood circulation the and nervous system. It helps in improving mensuration cycle. It helps in relieving neck pain and makes your belly flat. Firstly, lie down on a flat stomach or yoga mat. Lie down on your belly with your arms straight then inhale breath and lift your upper body and legs so your knees don’t touch the floor and also lift your arms. Your belly, lower ribs, and pelvis should touch the floor. Then relax your body, exhale, and bring your legs & head down. Repeat it two to three times.


Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)

4) Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)– back deeply stretches your body, which improves your flexibility. It reduces headaches, mensuration pain & PMS. Firstly, sit on the mat with your legs stretch straight and then press your palm beside your hips. Inhale your breath and lean forward without rounding your back. Stretch your hands toward your legs and if you can then hold your feet & then exhale. repeat it 5-6 times in starting and then increase the counting.


Ustrasana (camel pose)

5) Ustrasana (camel pose)– it improves posture, relieves back pain, strengthens your back muscles and thigh muscles, it stretches your abdomen, thighs, and hip plexors. Sit on your knees with your legs apart and keep your hips over your knees. Now place your fingertips at the spine base and support your lower back with your palm. Inhale, then lean backward slowly and try to stretch and look high. Calmly touch your heels with your palm and push your body forward with your thighs as you are trying to reach the heel & exhale. Then slowly shift your weight forward and bend your back.


Pawanamuktasana (wild relieving pose)

6) Pawanamuktasana (wild relieving pose)-it improves digestion and stretches the spines. Lie on your back, inhale your breath and bring both knees near your chest and hold them with your arms. Do not bend your neck and keep your back straight so that your shoulder should touch the floor. Then relax your body freely and exhale.


Setu bandha Sarvangasana (bridge pose)

7) Setu bandha Sarvangasana (bridge pose)-it improves posture and relieves back pain and strengthens back muscles, thighs, and ankles. Lie on your back with your leg and feet apart. Then bring your feet near your hips. And then try to uplift your body with your palm, with your shoulder resting on the mat i.e uplift your buttlock and thighs.


Eka pada Adho Mukha savasana (one-legged downward facing dog pose)

8) Eka pada Adho Mukha savasana (one-legged downward facing dog pose)-it strengthens your bones and makes your upper body strong. Firstly make the dog posture and gently lift your one leg and keep it straight upward and then bring your leg down and relax and repeat it with another leg.


Kumbhakasana (the plank)

9) Kumbhakasana (the plank)-the most useful yoga posture to strengthen your whole body. It strengthens your arms bring balance to your body and also stretches your abdominal muscles. Lie down on the mat with the hard surface with your face downward remember to keep your legs straight and try to hold your body with your elbow, which is under your shoulder. And slowly lift your body and make sure your body is straight, And your forearms resting on the floor.


Baddha konasana (cobbler’s pose)

10) Baddha konasana (cobbler’s pose)– also known as butterfly pose. It improves posture and stretches your thighs. Sit on your sitting bones. Bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together. Keep your back straight and bring your chest near your feet and hold your position for some time and relax and stretch your legs.