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300 hours Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh, India

The 300 hours Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh, India is open to everyone who wants to enhance their yoga teaching career and seek to go further in their passion for learning and understanding yoga. This course is an advancement of the 200-hour YTTC, specially designed for those who aspire to improve, deepen, and strengthen their understanding and knowledge of their yogic practices. The requirement of the course is a must completion of a 200-Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course from a certified Yoga Alliance Accredited School

In addition to the standard subjects of 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, this curriculum is a progression in the modules of Yoga asana, Pranayama, Yogic Philosophy, Shatkarma Kriyas, Yoga Anatomy, Naturopathy, Emotional Unblocking Techniques, Basics of Ayurveda, and Teaching Methodology. This comprehensive course is analytical training to expand the previous learning with a further detailed syllabus.

Yogis, who have completed their 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, will unlock new levels of Yoga Alliance Certification, as well as become greatly improved practitioners and teachers with a higher level of understanding, knowledge, and experience in the traditional art of yoga. Yoga teachers who go through this blend of ancient learning, enhanced with modern teaching techniques, will be equipped to guide their students and those diverse avenues of yogic learning in their careers.

If you are qualified with a 200 Hour Yoga teacher training Certificate, then this is the perfect chance to register for the next step!

300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh
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The following courses are typically included in the 300-hour yoga teacher training program’s curriculum:

  1. Advanced anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga practice and yoga theory and its practical implementation in yoga instruction
  2. Yoga’s therapeutic advantages and its function in avoiding and treating accidents
  3. Proficiency in sequencing, cueing, adjustments, and alterations in instructing
  4. pranayama, meditation, and advanced asana are examples of advanced yoga techniques.
  5. Designing and directing seminars, retreats, and special activities is part of the teaching approach.
Advanced Asanas

Advance asanas include complex yoga postures that are challenging and need a high level of strength, balance, mental focus, breath control, and body balance. These postures should be attempted with the guidance of a yoga expert.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomical understanding of the body is an important skill in the career of a Yoga Teacher to prevent injury, before during, and after the practice. In addition to 200 Hours of YTTC’s scientific approach towards the subject, 300 Hours of advanced yoga teacher training course teach how to apply this science to yoga practice along with the benefits, contradictions, and orientation towards physical well-being. At Yoga Adi, our expert Physiologist teaches the most creative therapeutic application of postures and working with injuries and ailments.

Yoga Philosophy

Yogic Philosophy is a vast subject that deepens more and more as the Yoga Sutras decodes the set-mind patterns and renew our understanding according to the Yogic lifestyle. As we dive deeper into the philosophy in 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training, Yogis take the privilege to elaborate ancient scripts such as Bhagavad Gita and Shiv Samhita, decrypting the Sanskrit dialectical tales which are preserved poetically without any logical distortions.

Patanjali’s very first Sutra, ‘Yoga Chitti Vritti Nirodha’, intensifies with each module of this course challenging the pet habits of our mind, bringing a deep sense of self-realization.

Teaching Methodology

In Sanskrit, the literal translation to the teacher is a Guru, who guides the aspirants on the path of learning. Yoga Adi’s faculty is blessed to have traditional Gurus who educate our students always to be humble yet disciplinary in the teaching practice. Under the guidance of respective faculty, students deliver their Yoga Asana sessions and get appropriate feedback to practice their skills in a safe environment.

Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama is the science of breathing that regulates the bio-plasmic physiology of the body and state of mind. The deeper and more aware the breathing is, the stronger the life presence becomes. Practicing and learning the breath modulation exercises unlocks advanced levels of Yogic exercises such as asana and meditation. 300-Hour YTTC unravels the keynotes of advanced breath control with internal locks (bandhas), channeling the energy with spirituous gestures (mudra) followed by internal cleansing techniques (kriya).

Meditation is a simple art of observation. Meditation brings us closer to the nature of our reality and culminates all the unnecessary ideas formed in the darkness of unconsciousness. In 300-Hour YTTC, Yoga Nidra, Sufi Meditations, Vipashna, and Dynamic meditations are taught and practiced daily, along with many more styles, to bring the conscious mind in communication with the deepest aspects of your Yoga practice.

Yoga Therapy

The practice of using specific yoga asanas to heal illnesses and injuries is known as yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is an option as a stand-alone treatment or as an addition to standard medical care. The regimen might include stretching, deep breathing techniques, and meditation. Back pain, joint pain, stiffness, strain, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and post-traumatic stress disorder are just a few of the health problems that yoga can help with. Yoga therapists with training in biomechanics, metabolism, and psychology typically lead one-on-one or small-group yoga therapy classes.

Business of Yoga

Establishing and expanding a thriving yoga company requires the development of marketing, branding, and entrepreneurial skills. Here are some steps you can take to develop these skills: 1. Define your niche 2. Create a brand 3. Build a strong online presence 4. Offer free classes 5. Offer workshops and retreats and many more.


ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. As well as Naturopathy, it is not based on treating disease but to promote good health. Ayurveda suggests that there are three life forces or energies, called Doshas. They are Vata (Space and air), Pitta (Fire and water), and Kapha (water and earth). Each person then is a unique mix of these three dosas, although one is usually stronger than the others. During the course, you will gain basic knowledge about Ayurveda as an alternative medicine and information on how to use it in your daily life.


Shatkarma means the 6 cleansing practices performed to detoxify the vital channels of the body. The science of Shatkarma works on the overall health of the body which involves intestinal purification, large intestine flush (enema), gaseous waste removal from the abdomen(Nauli), nasal and food pipe cleaning, and eyes cleansing(Trataka). 300 Hour YTTC teaches all these as well as further progression in the Shatkarma, training the students to perform Nauli & Bhastrika Kriya, which are only demonstrated in 200 Hour YTTC


Naturopathy is an ancient branch of knowledge on how to heal the body with 5 elements of Nature i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Yogis have always known how to revive their well-being and that’s what Yoga Adi aspires to share with their students as an exclusive feature of the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Students get to cleanse toxins from the body, attuning the immune system back to its true nature. Total intestinal cleansing, abdominal mud packs, face packs, eye packs, and enema are the part of Naturopathy regime at Yoga Adi School of Yoga.

Emotional Blockage

Set mind patterns can keep manifesting the same situations in our lives over and over, restricting us to a certain set of emotional reactions, such as; guilt, fear, sadness, anxiety, etc. The Emotional Body Detox takes you on a journey, where you purify your body and mind from unnecessary physical and emotional stress. Massage of various pressure points is performed on the students and a detailed explanation is given about the physiology of the whole session.

This technique helps in the dilution and release of physical tension allowing a free flow of blood circulation resulting in an effective nervous system and an easy and light body. An extraordinary blend of Breathing exercises, Mantra chanting, and forming spirituous Mudras comprise the Emotional Body Detox Session.

It is an exclusive part of our course which is only practiced at Yoga Adi School under the guidance of our most competent Therapist Dr. Hari Krishan Ji. The students get to, participate in this session as well as, learn how to use the technique to relieve the unnecessary stress and emotions built in the body


Mantras are Sanskrit poetry very carefully designed by the ancient seers believed to be recited in a particular manner. These mantras when recited correctly retune the breath pattern and flow of the Prana (vital energy) as per the motivation of the verse.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is psychic sleep, a guided meditation where the participants lay in Shav Asana while the anchor takes them through layers of the cognitive state of mind and slowly drifts them into the deep euphoria

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The Yoga Alliance offers an advanced yoga teacher training program called RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), which is 300 hours long. Following the conclusion of an RYT 200 program or an equivalent, 300 hours of advanced instruction are required for this certification.

You must register with Yoga Alliance and send a verification form after completing the course. You can then use the designation in your teaching qualifications and be mentioned as an RYT 300 on the Yoga Alliance website.


You must have successfully finished a 200-hour yoga teacher training program with a registered yoga school (RYS), and be qualified for the program.
The program is typically completed within 30 days.
Along with the theory and background of yoga, you will learn advanced asanas, pranayama, meditation, and singing. The anatomy and physiology of yoga, instructional techniques such as sequencing, adjustments, and alterations, as well as the economics and principles of teaching yoga are also covered.
You can apply for the program by filling out the application form on the Yogaadi website or can contact us at the given number.
Yes, the course is approved by Yoga Alliance, making you qualified to sign up for their RYT 500 program once you’ve finished.
After finishing the course, you will have a deeper understanding of yoga theory and practice, improved teaching abilities, and new possibilities for instruction and job development. Additionally, you will join a welcoming group of people who share your enthusiasm for yoga and are like-minded.