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Yoga during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Yoga during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Pregnancy is not only a word but one of the best feelings for any woman in the world and can be the most amazing experience ever. Each female on this planet wants to give birth to a healthy child and therefore it requires extra precautions and care during pregnancy. However, it doesn’t mean that a pregnant woman is restricted to perform any activity rather if there are no complications, then nothing should stop her to do what she loves and with some precautions, a woman can easily accommodate herself with the requirements of pregnancy. Like any other activity, Yoga is no exception, pregnant women can perform yoga and make themselves physically and mentally fit for pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Yoga

Yoga is not like any other exercise instead it is extremely beneficial for the human body and aid individual with physical and mental strength. Pregnant women can perform Yoga and it is really beneficial for them because it helps them to relax and overcome anxiety and depression during pregnancy.  By keeping the below points in mind women without any fear can do Yoga in pregnancy.

Points to remember:

  • Tell your yoga instructor about your pregnancy and in which trimester you are if you want to continue with your Yoga classes. During pregnancy, it is preferable to join parental Yoga classes.
  • Take the advice of your doctor before continuing Yoga classes and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Make sure that you do not twist and tweak unnecessarily and do Yoga under the guidance of an instructor.

Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

  1. Support your body: During pregnancy, the body will go under certain changes so that a new life can grow under the female body. Yoga helps the body to accept these changes rapidly and even aid it by accelerating the secretion of important hormones required for pregnancy.
  2. Provide strength to the body: Yoga strengthens and activates the core muscles especially the pelvic floor, hip and abdominal core muscle that is required to give birth to a child. It minimises the aches and pains of the ninth month and tunes up the body by maintaining the balance between different muscles.
  3. Prepares the body for labour pain and delivery: Yoga aid women with mental peace during pregnancy and this mental peace helps the body to loosen up for the delivery of a child. Fear and tension during pregnancy will result in tightening of the body and leads to more pain and then a woman may require pain killers and these pain killers are not good for the body. Doing breathing exercises in Yoga practice naturally provides relaxation to the mind and helps in natural delivery.
  4. Aid body in normal pregnancy complaints: During pregnancy, a woman may suffer from common discomforts such as lower back pain, nausea, insomnia, headaches, shortness of breath etc. Yoga improves blood circulation in the body and more oxygen reaches different organs that result in better performance and also deep breathing exercises are beneficial for a baby inside a mother’s body. Yoga with meditation will lead you to enjoy your pregnancy journey.
  5. Help you in making new friends: If you join parental Yoga classes you will be able to connect with more mothers and you can share your feelings and listen to their experiences. You will find support from other females who are riding the same boat and you all act as a support system for you all.

Yoga  for women

  1. Tadasana
  2. Marjariasna
  3. Uttanasna
  4. Shavasna
  5. Virbhadrasna
  6. Vajrasna
  7. Pranayam
  8. Utkatasna
  9. Trikonasana
  10. Upavistha konasna

Is it safe to do Yoga Teacher Training while pregnancy?

The answer to this question is not easy different people have different opinions about the 200-hour Yoga teacher training course and pregnancy. A woman can join a Yoga Teacher Training program without any fear the point here to note is that every Yoga school has a different opinion about it. Before you go to join the Yoga Teacher Training course you should keep the following points in mind.

  • If you are pregnant then it is important to inform your instructor and Yoga school about your pregnancy. Every Yoga school have different guidelines for it and informing them will protect you from any problem during the program.
  • You must take OK from your doctor before continuing the course and once you get OK from your doctor and Yoga school you then decide to join the course or not.
  • Check what your Teacher Training program includes. Many teacher training programs have strenuous and rigorous exercises while some focuses on esoteric and philosophical components of Yoga.
  • If you have much experience of performing yoga and you are comfortable on your mat then you may join these classes. If you are aware of yoga then you will be able to accommodate yourself with Yoga and pregnancy easily. However, if you are not doing regular Yoga practice then hold yourself from joining this course.
  • Awareness is the key to managing between Yoga and pregnancy. Every woman is different some can do most of the exercises in Yoga teacher training classes while others are not. It is on you how much you know yourself and performs exercises accordingly.

If a woman kept all these things in mind then pregnancy is not a hindrance to the Yoga Teacher training course. It provides you with a great experience as a pregnant woman that how you must keep yourself safe while learning yoga and in future, you can guide other women’s too. Yoga teacher training course is a life-changing experience and it improves your mental and physical capabilities.

Things to remember

  • Avoid overheating while performing Yoga. In pregnancy, women have high internal body temperature and while performing Yoga body gets heated up so it is a must for women to keep themselves hydrated to maintain their body temperature. Doing Yoga in well ventilation room is recommended because proper ventilation will keep the body cool.
  • When doing Yoga it is important to avoid certain positions for safety purposes. Women do not lie on their belly or back, avoid performing forward or backwards poses that put pressure on the abdomen. Modify your yoga poses with the help of your instructor to stay safe.
  • Listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel. Start practice slowly and do not cross your limit while performing exercises. Stretch your body as far as possible and do not overdo it.

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