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Yoga Challenges to Improve Your Daily Practice

Yoga Challenges to Improve Your Daily Practice

Yoga is a practice that provides multiple benefits to the performers irrespective of age, health status and other factors. And no doubt its popularity is also increasing day by day. And with the increase in the research conducted on the several benefits of yoga, there are so many other advantages that have been traced to them. No doubt, yoga is also an amazing therapy, but some limitations prevent individuals from getting those benefits. 

Yoga in Rishikesh is the perfect destination to get in touch with professional yoga trainers to mentor you individually. But before heading to a yoga instructor, the ideas need to gather information about their bodies. They must know some common challenges faced while practising yoga. And that will benefit them to accomplish their goals better. 

Let; ‘s discuss some of those challenges and tips to overcome them without further stress. 

To Get onto Your Yoga Mat

No doubt, you must be familiar with this challenge. And the majority of yoga practitioners face this challenge. And there is no conflict whether you are a beginner or a trained professional ex-yoga tutor or ex-yoga practitioner. Having this challenge is entirely normal. But the concern here is to overcome this challenge. And another fact about this challenge is that this is not only a kind of challenge. It brings some more sub-challenges posed to the individuals. 

Such as –

  • Making a routine time for the yoga practice 
  • Keeping the discipline 
  • The managing time as per priority 
  • Being unmotivated to do yoga
  • Feeling way too tired to do
  • Feeling eagerly hungry or just had a meal
  • Improper environment or enough space around your surroundings
  • Not having enough confidence to initiate the first pose.

These are some of the significant challenges yoga performers face while getting into the mat to do their committed yoga. 

But, you can overcome them as well. Follow these steps-

  • Set your intention in advance 
  • Make you clarify the understanding reason for doing that
  • Plan the time in a slot when you are uninterrupted 
  • Gather all your confidence & crash on the mat 
  • Perform a few warming up and give the signal to your body that you are going to start yoga

Bodily Limitations

Every individual’s body is unique, and no doubt you have to struggle a lot to maintain the desired shape and figure of your body instead of multiple efforts many times you fail. But, you have to accept the fact that you’re born with a certain kind of physique, and you can also do healthy alterations. The goals should not be achieving a model-type figure but having a healthy body and calm soul. 

When practising yoga, you have to stay attentive to your body limitations-

  • The past accident or injuries can restrict certain movements
  • The particular body type may also pose certain limitations
  • Hold a mirror of your body responses and act accordingly
  • Don’t pressure yourself to perform like a trainer
  • You can choose to perform certain modified poses in case of such restrictions, but don’t overstress
  • It might lead to permanent or long-term after effects 

To overcome such challenges for your body, you can follow specific tips-

  • First, accept the problem.
  • The first step to working on a certain kind of issue is accepting that the issue persists. 
  • Now that you have acknowledged and accepted an issue, you can integrate a learning attitude to overcome your limitations.
  • And the learning process can activate the brain to bring positivity. 
  • Include some warming up exercise for a particular part of the body to avoid stress on those areas due to any movements
  • Practice mindfulness and make sure you stay aware of your condition. Any signal of your body must be acknowledged accordingly. 

Challenges When You are Doing Yoga

Yes, you read right. However, there are many challenges that yoga practitioners face when they are already on their mat. And if you still cannot resonate or believe in this, try to execute the previously decided yoga pattern and timing. 

These challenges are not only one or two but a bunch. 

  • People face challenges to overcome distractions when they are on the mat 
  • They feel that they are not able to focus on what they are doing
  • Most people face such challenges when they are practising alone as there is no one to motivate them
  • And if people start from simpler poses, the advanced poses make them feel challenging 
  • It might be challenging for people to hold asanas for more extended timings. 
  • They Used to worry about whether it was correct when they had some tasks pending.

These are certain challenges people usually face while they are already on their yoga mat. But I feel very distracted and want to fold it to set that part. But, with these types, it will be easy to overcome such limitations when you are already on your mat. 

  • Firstly, put your phone in aeroplane mode. The constant ringing can pose initial direction fear.
  • Schedule the pose practising properly. In this case, you can either integrate two or three a week where advanced or challenging poses are required to perform. This will help you to follow up on the practice constantly. 
  • Integrate the sequences properly to make yourself more alert when on your mat. 

But there are situations when these things are not enough to stay concentrated in yoga, so it is essential to understand the rigorous methods. Here are some of the right approaches that are greatly helpful for individuals who face challenges following their yoga routine properly. 

1. Stay Positive

It makes a sound, what sinew in that?. But, it is new in terms of its effects. Staying positive here doesn’t mean staying positive about yoga only. It means feeling positive about others as well. 

It is important for developing one-pointedness for better concentration. 

  • Learn to feel good for those who are happy around you. 
  • Learn to have compassion and empathy for the people who are suffering
  • Learn to have goodwill who have higher standards of morality 
  • Lean-to stays neutral about the evil or negative vibes of people.

2. Try to Practice Prolonged Exhalation.

This is called “kumbhak”, as per the yogic terms. It requires exhaling and holding the breaths for longer times. This will help you to increase your concentration. A type of brain exercise to sharpen your brain too. 

3. Try to Illuminate Your Inner Soul

It might sound too high a standard. And might be impossible for a few, in general terms. But, trust me, inner illumination doesn’t mean accomplishing enlightenment, but it means making yourself mentally stable. It ultimately takes to the self-illuminations, but it helps follow the yoga with inner motivation. 

4.  Connect to Inspirational People

When you are connected to a superior individual, it ignites the spark in yourself to be a bit like them. And this will ultimately motivate you to stay stick to your commitments. 

5 Inculcate Meditation

 Meditation is always beneficial for stabilizing mental health. And when you are mentally stable, the focus increases, the brain shapers, and you can concentrate on what you are singing at that very moment. 

So, meditation gives you that inner inspiration, strength, and confidence to accomplish your targets. And, to accomplish what is righteous requires the right coach. Because without pro-training or guidance from a superior individual, it is difficult to accomplish the target, including overcoming the challenges in the paths. 

Concluding Thoughts-

Getting in touch with the right instructor is not an easy task, as there are so many instructors who claim the best, even if they are a beginner in the field. They claim to assist you in accomplishing your targets within one or two weeks or months, 

But a professional and knowledgeable yoga instructor understands that it’s not merely a cup of tea for all. And it requires consistent efforts that are too in the right direction to harness the best out of it. Cultivating a plant each day properly can provide you with the assurance that it will blossom one day. 

But, if you become harsh at platelets, they will crash, and you will not get anything.  With the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, trainers try to accomplish the yoga practitioners’ turrets with consistent efforts with them in the correct direction.

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