Team Category: Teacher

Yoga Adi Teacher Mani
Manmohan Rupal Ji
Manmohan Rupal is double Master Degree holder in Human Psychology, a Holistic Healer, a Life Coach and a Healing Tattoo Artist. Grown up under the parenthood of a Naturopath father and a Reiki Master mother, Manmohan Ji was always inclined towards holistic healing from a young age.
Yogini Prabha Jaguri ji
Prabha hails from the holy city of Uttarkashi that is surrounded by Himalyas and also happens to be the origin of the holy Ganges. Early in her life she got interested in spiritual world and started to explore it.
Dr. Shri Yogi Chandrakant
Head Teacher
Dr. Shri Yogi Chandrakant, is one of the lead yoga teachers at YogaAdi, born in a Brahmin family in an ancient village named Haripurkalan situated at the confluence of the seven Ganges.
Yoga Adi Teacher Hari
Hari Kishan
Founder & Teacher
He had envisioned of opening up of a yoga school that presents yoga in its true essence combined with the traditional detoxification science of Naturopathy. A large part of Hari Ji’s childhood was spent in serving and taking care of hundreds of sages and sadhus.