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Yoga Poses Tutorials

Since traditional times, yoga has been considered a peaceful and healthy practice and not only for professionals, and it is easy to follow for beginners and get benefits from it. The fundamental fact about yoga is building up a connection between body movements and breathing. Therefore, it provides multiple benefits from maintaining the posture of the yoga practitioners to balancing the stress level of the individuals by balancing their hormones. There is so much research and studies conducted over the years and still studying the miraculous benefits of yoga practices. 

But to harness such benefits, the individuals need to concentrate on the poses. Therefore, the proper practice of poses is essential for getting the benefits. Some of the beginners indeed pose look simple, but when it comes to performing those poses properly, it could be a pretty tricker. And that is a situation when you need to look for a professional mentor who can guide you adequately to do the right thing. The Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh is one of the well-known retreating sessions to bring your yoga routines on track.

But it is still essential to understand the benefits and instructions universally followed by the individuals to develop a basic understanding of the simpler poses. And before digging deep, let’s first understand who should perform it?

Who Should do Yoga Poses?

 Although it is a well-known fact that yoga is safe for all individuals, there is a contraction because even if the chances of injuries during the performing of yoga are rare, the individuals need to follow up the right approach. Even if you have read enough yoga tutorials, yoga cannot provide all benefits if you ignore your health condition. 

So, individuals need to look for the following conditions-

  • High blood pressure issues 
  • Knee injuries 
  • Hip injuries 
  • Spine issues, in thirty or persisting 
  • People who are more than 65 years of age 
  • Pregnant females 

These things need to be looked upon, and in case of any of such situations, do visit your doctor before directly following the yoga poses. Even the pregnant female doctor will advise the best toaster of some of the yoga poses, which is suitable as per the existing health conditions to nourish the health of the mother and fetus. 

Various Types of Yoga Pose One Can Follow.

 Here is the list of the several types of yoga poses that the individuals can easily follow-

 Do Face Exercises 

Face exercises are easy to follow. However, they are not included with much body movement where the blood flow abruptly changes. Therefore, individuals can choose the prefix for such poses. 

  • You can follow the forward pose or the lion poses. 
  • Such poses increase the blood flow to the capillaries located at the face
  • The person feels more awake in such cases 
  • These methods slowed the aging and reduced the skin aging initially
  • But, still, the information is not highly refined in this context

With increased blood flow to the facial muscles and capillaries, the individuals can also have the additional advantage. These advantages include reducing ache, better immune responses towards the foreign microbial attacks, and after healing, thereby reducing the acne marks and other skin problems that grow due to the various external factors. 

 Forward Fold Pose

 It is one of the easier forms of yoga poses. One has to manage the breathing and the movement of limbs. 

  • Stand up straight 
  • Bring your forelimbs close to your body while inhaling 
  • Bend forward while exhaling 
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds of inhalation and then exhale 
  • Keep your chin tilted towards your chest
  • Make sure you look at the floor while bending forward
  • Move down until your eyes can come directly into contact with your toes.
  • Bring the pose back to rest at a resting and standing position.

Individuals who cannot perform the complete forward bending can do half bending at their convenience. This activates the body by making it full.

Lion Pose

This is also called a breath pose. And again, another easy to follow pose. The poses provide enhancing effects to the creative mind along with activating the body.

  • Sit to knees and make sure you maintain a comfortable distance between the two
  • Try to cross your ankles 
  • Once it is done, make sure you are correctly sitting at the top of your heels. 
  • Put your palms on your knees
  • Now, breathe in
  • Choose a focal point, and stretch your tongue till your chin
  • Hold for a few seconds
  • Now make a “ha” could while you exhale
  • Repeat the exercise for several positions
  • Now switch the angles, fold and repeat the cycle. 

People who cannot hold the position more can stop it once they feel uncomfortable.  There are several benefits of this pose, including increased blood flow to the vertebral column. As the vertebral column is a part of the axial skeleton of the body, the individuals need to strengthen them with enriched blood vessels, which can be done when adequate blood flow is flowing to them. With the help of this pose, not only does the blood flow increase but also the posture of the yoga performer gets improved so the individuals can overcome the ears of a long time sitting who does the desk jobs.

Legs up Exercise 

 These types of leg exercises are simpler to perform. It strengthens the lower limbs and increases the blood flow towards the limbs. 

  • Start rolling your lower limbs to the wall
  • Move your limbs high up in the sky
  • Close your eyes and hold the position for several minutes

You can also fold your knees a bit if you feel too intense to do fully straight. It is suitable for people who have hamstrings or lower back pain, as they cannot hold a position like that. 

Boat pose

It is one of the simpler poses to follow up. 

  • Take your yoga ball. 
  • Bring your knees to your chest of the body
  • Noe breath in to put the feel at the abdominal muscles
  • Now get back to the sacrum
  • Lift your forelimbs, and don’t forget to loft the ball
  • Extend your legs to at least 45 degrees against the floor

If the person is unable to lift their legs, they can let the legs stay on the floor. One can also choose to place the hands to the hips for providing additional support and stabilizing the body better. 

Follow Breathing Exercises 

Breathing exercises are one of the more straightforward exercises for the individuals included in yoga. The respiratory functions can be rejuvenated by following the right yoga practice. And pranayama is proven to restore that. 

  • Follow breathing from alternate nostrils
  • But make sure you are in the comfortable sitting position
  • Close your eyes, put your right thumb on the right nostrils and inhale. 
  • Now put the thumbs to the right nostril and exhale from the left nostril
  • Repeat the activity
  • And switch the thumbs after a few cycles

Yoga benefits for weight management 

After various researches, it is also understood that people who are suffering from weight issues can also benefit from performing yoga. And as per the (CDC) centers for disease control and prevention, it is recommended that nearly 150 minutes of yoga exercise weekly is enough for managing a healthy weight. But that is possible with the right strategy followed, and for that, you must seek the right instructor to guide you correctly. 

Concluding Thoughts-

Yoga can provide intensifying benefits to the indies without spending too much time. Just the end is to follow the right strategy. And for that, the right mentor is necessary because the right mentor is equipped with the professional and righteous knowledge and skills to instruct their learners for ease. And to get a mentor who is suitable for your yoga practice is a real struggle. 

But the  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is a complete therapy for the learners. The individuals interested in yoga must seek righteous guidance which can instruct them to determine their abilities and make them achieve their maximum in their short time. With the right instructor of Yoga in Rishikesh, the individuals reduce or minimize the chances of getting hurt. Although the injuries are rare, why take the risk? 

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