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How to Choose Right School for Yoga Teacher Training?

How to Choose Right School for Yoga Teacher Training?

So you decided to do a yoga teacher training course. Presently, perhaps you would even not looking to be a teacher, yet you have that hunger for knowledge, or possibly you’re on the hunt for some peace in life; maybe you definitely realize that yoga is your life’s love and you long to be the following big Yoga Guru. In any case, picking your initial 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is an exciting initial move toward following your enthusiasm. All in all, how would you pick?


Your expectation will figure out what sort, of course, is ideal for you.

It is safe to say that you are looking for a beneficial encounter. Now would you like to be a preacher of Yoga as a way of life? Would you like to extend your association with your neighbourhood’s local area? Is it accurate to say that you are an enthusiastic student who needs the best course around? In the event that your desire is to get the best yoga training that you can, then, at this point, it’s an ideal opportunity to do some research. Each 200 hour Yoga teacher training program in India will have its own genealogy, focal point, and center, so you need to track down your own best match. What rouses you most: asana, meditation, theory? On the off chance that you know what you need to find out about, amazing! Look for training that focuses on your goals.


Here are the inquiries to pose to check whether you will get your cash’s worth:

“Are you enrolled with Yoga Alliance?”

I know that Yoga Alliance is not a symbol of quality yet. There are best training courses that are enlisted, and worst pieces of training that are enrolled. Yet, it sets a bar, howsoever low. Also, they are turning out to be progressively strict in their guidelines for approving Yoga teacher training schools.

Other great inquiries to make:

  • How do you teach sequencing?
  • What pranayama asana are instructed?
  • What are the philosophical writings that you use?
  • What are the periods of training that are there every day?
  • How many coaches teach the course, who are they, and what is their experience?


There are 200-hour Yoga teacher training courses (think about this like school) and 300-hour courses (this resembles graduate school). At the point when you take both from enrolled schools, then, at that point, you are qualified to enlist as a 500-hour Yoga teacher. If a school promotes a 500-hour program, it just means you’re getting the 200 and 300 moved into one. Right now, except if you are working in an exceptionally competitive region (like New York City or Los Angeles), most studios will just expect you to have a 200-hour affirmation to start educating at their studio. Be that as it may, while the 200-hour confirmation is by and large the base, most studios like to enlist educators who are enthusiastic about their proceeding with instruction.

Make a plunge, appreciate, and perceive that this is just the start of your journey! Conclusion: If you end up going down the yoga way, odds are that your initial 200 Hour Yoga Retreats will be actually the first of many. Make a plunge, appreciate, and perceive that this is just the start of your journey! Such countless more layers and encounters anticipate! Also, be cautious, since I caution you, yoga training can be magnificently addictive.

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