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Food Timings as Yoga

Undoubtedly, practising yoga is wonderful for the mind & body, but diet plays a significant role. And when it comes to following the right diet, it becomes more significant for individuals to follow a yogic diet for this purpose. 

How to Follow a Yogic Diet?

There are so many tips and tricks associated with a yogic diet that is recommended to follow, but the execution of those tips and tricks are complex because the love of difficulty is high. But, still, it is possible to follow a yogic diet, and for that, you need not be too strict on yourself! The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh are learners from scratch. Make them informed and demonstrate the ways to perform it better. In this discussion, let’s understand how to follow a yogic diet without posing many complications to the daily routine. 

Why is Following a Yogic Diet Difficult?

Before digging deep into the methods which can be applied to ease the following of yogic diet, lets first have a look at the factors which prevents us from sticking to our goals-

  • Laziness, which is a pivotal spin at deteriorating enthusiasm of resolutions. 
  • The complexity of methods is another reason which gives birth to boredom and then, laziness which ultimately prevents one from following the commitments. 
  • Improper approach, which is a sister factor of the difficulty/complexity, more complex methods, and better it nourishes the wrong approach towards anything guarantees failure. 
  • Lack of knowledge is the root cause of all the factors that initiate following a successful yogic diet. Right and adequate knowledge is a weapon for eradicating the issues associated with the fundamentals of yogic diets, methods, approaches and other relevant factors. And ultimately supports the steps to pursue the commitments. 

What is a Yogic Diet?

In the above list of factors making it difficult to follow a yogic diet, it is concluded that the lack of knowledge is the root cause of the factors which leads to the failure of happily following a yogic diet. So, it is important to first begin with the fundamental understanding of the food timings as per yoga. Eating whenever you feel like eating is right to some extent, but following the right approach is the only possible way to make it advantageous for you. 

Before following that approach and digging deep into this, first have a look at the principles of true yoga-based lifestyle and eating habits which are –

  • Vegetarian diet
  • Sattvic 
  • organic (chemical free-diet)
  • Fresh food-based diet
  • Meals timings at regular intervals 
  • Fasting habits 

Meals don’t have their effects for a day or two. That’s why adopting an approach affiliated with long-term solutions is significant. Thus, captivating a healthy mind & body. 

Vegetarian Diet 

Before beginning with the following timing about having meals as per yoga, the very first question raised is, “can I have meat?” And sparking your eyes in shock at this question is not the right approach!

Veganism and vegetarianism are already catching much attention due to their increasing popularity. And the idea is not to substitute all meat-based diets with plant-based diets. But, one can adopt a purely plant-based diet if interested in doing so. And if you are into adopting a diet plan which can complement your goals of a good body and lifestyle, then giving up meat is not very significant here.

Sattvic Diet

This refers to the lifestyle that should be adapted with the yogic diet or meals and drinks purely sattvic. These are believed to be the commotion of the only purest forms of foods or drinks. They are potent to nourish the minds & bodies of the consumer. Therefore, purely yogic diet followers try to stick to the veggie diet and sattvic lifestyle of eating. 

If you think what the options which could cover under this category are, then check out these around you-

  • Fresh foods
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains, wheat, barley, maize, cereals, nuts, seeds(peas, grams, beans)
  • Lentils
  • Dairy products(butter, ghee, milk, Dahi, khoya, buttermilk, yogurt etc.)
  • Unrefined and natural forms of sugar(honey, etc.)
  • Spices
  • Seasonal foods
  • Leafy items (sarson, palak, etc.)

One can also stay attentive to the seasonal foods, the availability of fresh foods increases. 

Organic Diet (Free From Chemicals)

It is another ruling factor in following the right kind of diet. And while listing out the things for the popper, it is important to make sure that the items should be free from chemicals. Undoubtedly, chemicals pose serious life threats to individuals. So, organic food consumption has the potential to keep those adversities away from the mind and body. And, Implementing organic diet food on lists is a serious concern. Here are some factors which can be considered before listing out the items of diet-

  • Cut out caffeine
  • Stop consuming alcohol
  • Quit tobacco or other hazardous things
  • Prevent consulting processed foods
  • Try to consume freshly prepared food or fruits

Integrate Fresh Food Diet

Consuming fresh food doesn’t mean eating them raw. Raw eating is also constricted to some items only. And eating a good diet means eating fresh and freshly prepared food is also a part of it. And one can check these ruling factors to ensure maximum freshness-

  • Avoid relying on frozen foods
  • Avoid having semi-processed food.
  • Try to prepare food from scratch
  • Having optimum frequency of having meals.

These are the certain factors that can help maximize the freshness of the foods. 

Have Meals at Proper Intervals

Everyone indeed has enough time to prepare three meals a day. But that doesn’t mean one should choose to eat left-overs, previous day meals, or frozen foods. And to eliminate the issues, you can choose to adopt certain methods which can assist you in the right manner. It might be difficult to follow a meal’s consumption at diet plans where you prepare meals from scratch, which may lead to stress. And stress will detract all of the efforts you have put into your diet. 

But, if you are serious about the making of these things in better ways, then there is a way out, and for that, your body must be trained, which can be accomplished by following the right patterns-

  • Train you by providing the right meals at the right timings.
  • Ensure that the steady intervals between two meals are marinated
  • Eating 2 hours before yoga practice and 2 hours before any tiger exercise is preferable.
  • During dinner also, one must take care of the fact that they have their meals two hours before the crash in the bed.
  • Thus, ensuring that the bodily functions can be adequately performed if the meals are consumed two hours before bed.

Benefits of Consuming Meals at Steady Frequency-

  • Better food digestion
  • Better sleep cycle
  • Regulated biological-clock
  • Better body-repair processes
  • Better hormones productions
  • Better immune system
  • Regulates energy inflows and outflows

Fast Once a Week

Fasting adds another significant benefit to all your efforts. As we have planned a lot of diets to be consumed and frequency of consumption, similarly it is essential to plan the expulsion of toxic substances also. And for best results, fasting once a week is recommended. Initial fasting practice could be started with fasting for 6-12 hours up to one full day of fasting. Also, it is important to take care of the other factors such as the illness or the other health conditions, which can also be taken care of to prevent the body from overexerting. 

And How to follow fasting day? is another question, so, follow these approaches to ensure you can overcome fasting outcomes if you are a beginner-

  • Choose your fasting time as per your appetite frequency
  • Choose 6-12-24 hours fasting time
  • Eat well before fasting time, and make sure you won’t overeat.
  • Follow up certain types of physic; activity during fasting time
  • Make sure you won’t make your body steve
  • Drink enough water and juices to maintain the outflow and hydration level of the body. 


Having meals at the right time is crucial as it plays a significant role in posing health benefits to the physical body and mind. And, as it is understood that the diet directly impacts the internal functioning of the physical body and wellness of the mind so, concentrating on the diet is a must.

These are the several tips that one should follow up for adapting the right timings for consuming meals as per yoga. The meal timings synchronized with practising yoga works wonders. And when the instructor is knowledgeable, the learners learn fast. Yoga in Rishikesh provides opportunities to millions of learners to learn and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh teaches yoga in their routine life through the best approaches. 

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