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Common Mistakes People Make During Yoga Practice

Common Mistakes People Make During Yoga Practice

Yoga has served individuals with strength, immunity, and vitality from ancient times. Not only this, it relaxes the body and calms the mind to promote health and wellness amongst individuals. But individuals need to follow yoga practices adequately. Otherwise, it could lead to the occurrence of certain types of injuries. While practicing yoga, it is essential to calm your mind and stay in the moment to ensure that the benefits of yoga poses are delivered to the performer. 

But to make yoga practice more straightforward and pleasurable, it is essential to follow up the proper methods. Merely coping with the poses or mimicry of the top yoga performer is not the right approach. So either you can enroll yourself at any yoga in Rishikesh or get trained by a reputed professional near you in-offline. But, it is advisable to check for the online mediums for getting cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-follow approaches. 

While performing yoga poses, it is crucial to take care of the points which can lead to stress in your body and mind. Such as, you must avoid common mistakes, which almost every beginner does, or uninformed individuals do. Let’s discuss some of the common mistakes that yoga performers make, irrespective of age and other factors. 

Here are some common mistakes people make during yoga practice !!

1. Putting Pressure on Bodies to Achieve Poses

If you think that the person beside you or in your information is an outstanding pose performer, it doesn’t mean that what you are doing is worthless. Each effort in yoga counts, and one must never forget this. The “perfect pose” actually does not exhaust, just as cameras cannot capture the natural beauty. 

Similarly, the perfection of pose varies from individual to individual. As everyone has varied body types, levels of flexibility, lifestyle, health conditions, mental status, etc., putting too much stress to accomplish the picture type pose is stupidity if it hurts your limbs. 

  • Try to copy the basic elements of the pose. 
  • Check out the hips bending movement
  • Movement of arms against the waist. 
  • Or motion of bending. 
  • Do the things only to the extent that your body can handle. 
  • Getting injuries is not beneficial.
  • The flexibility of your body increases by pushing limits slowly. 

 2. Not Concentrating Your Breath

Safety should always be a priority. Whether you were a yoga expert or your flexibility was very high, you tried to integrate it again. So, therefore, you need to follow things properly. 

Never forget to focus on your breath, as the breathing focus increases the chances of safety. 

  • Check the frequency of your breath with each movement. 
  • If the breathing frequency becomes very high by pushing your limits, then STOP. 
  • Take micro-steps to push your limits and perform poses with the natural frequency of breath only. 
  • Focusing on breath not only makes you safe but also increases your alertness level. 
  • Thus, supporting you to stay in the moment. 
  • The calmness of the mind makes you feel comfortable and provides peace. 
  • It is the magic of yoga, supporting mental health and physical benefits. 

Breathing plays an important role in calming your mind too. And it is a well-known fact that yoga not only focuses on enhancing the physical figures but also resonates to resemble the same growth and benefits to the inner body. The calmness of mind promotes a decrease in the cortisol-a stress hormone, and ultimately BP, heart rates, and other related issues are solved. Thus, enriching the physical and mental aspects of the individual. 

3. Frequent Pressurizing Your Body

Your music tries to push your limits a bit to accomplish the maximum benefits from the poses. But, many yoga-practising individuals take it as a race, where they want to win by accelerating the steering wheel. Do not do that. It won’t help you at all. Instead, it will start putting more restrictions. It is because by pushing too much, you’ll hurt yourself, and whatever you have achieved will be ruined. 

And you have to restart from a more backward condition due to the injuries. So, it is always advisable to avoid that. 

  • Lean through your boundaries
  • Stop pushing the pose, if the body doesn’t allow
  • And even if you think you can take up the risk, as no visible after-effects are there, you might face such outcomes after years, and at that time, healing becomes impossible. 
  • Listen to your body, and respond accordingly. 
  • Gradually you will start winning your earlier set goals and move forward. 
  • Putting pressure on your limits. 

4. Do Not Skip the Warming-ups

It is observed that so many individuals skip the warming up session before beginning it. Of course, it could be a knowingly or unknowingly action, but the results are not good in both cases. Warming up means preparing your body for the actions and introducing what you want to achieve. 

This will provide the initial thrust and prevent you from getting injured during the season. 

  • There are specific warming up exercises, which can be performed for the same. 
  • Bringing heat to the body increases blood circulation.
  • Make sure that the warming-up exercises are not very difficult. 
  • Start from simpler to advanced poses without warming up, do not jump to the advanced ones. 
  • Make sure your body is well-prepared for the stretching, and you won’t end up hurting yourself. 

Warming-up is necessary for boosting up the body. Getting out of bed and performing yoga is not the right approach. At least your body should be informed that you are taking it to an activity mode. And if one skips it, the body crashes, which might result in a sprain, strain, etc., at muscles. 

5. Don’t Forget to Relax

Like skipping the warming up, many individuals also skip the relaxation things in yoga practice. But it is not the right approach. Cooling down is important for balancing what you have performed. Because without adequate balancing, it will be difficult for the individuals to resume the routine work.  

  • Some counterposes of yoga are majorly helpful here. 
  • Performing such poses after yoga cools down bodies and brings stability.
  • It also loosens the stretching of muscles that occurs during yoga. 
  • Moreover, it reduces anxiety and nervousness, which happens due to an over-stimulated nervous system.

Relaxation plays a significant role in bringing your body to a normal state. The state it is in, thus, makes it strengthened to perform daily activities in the usual manner. 

 Understand Basic Rules of Yoga 

 These were some common mistakes that the majority of yoga practitioners make. But once it is clear, it is essential to have the right approach towards practising yoga. Merely avoiding mistakes won’t serve it all. You must undergo; to develop the right understanding of rules. 

These are some of the fundamental rules of yoga, which one must keep in mind for better practising-

  1. It should be done with an empty stomach. 
  2. One must take at least a 10-12 seconds relaxation break between 2 poses. 
  3. Avoid excessive tea or coffee while practicing yoga, and in normal days routine also. 
  4. Always choose to wear body-hugging or loose clothes during yoga of breathable material. 
  5. Make sure you first begin with the easy & more straightforward poses, then move to complex or advanced ones. 

These are some fundamental rules recommended to follow each time you do yoga in your daily routine. Be an intelligent performer, and do not restrain yourself from putting a lot of pressure. Because yoga benefits cannot be achieved by pushing your bodies to painful stretches, these benefits can be accomplished by putting micro-steps towards your targets and consistently waiting for desirable results. 


Individuals need to keep these in mind to avoid such common mistakes. They perform during sessions to get the maximum benefits out of each pose. Apart from mistakes, it is also significant for yoga-practising individuals to integrate the right methodologies because it is the only way to minimize the after-effects and achieve the most out of yoga. Moreover, professional training is the best, and if the mentor is knowledgeable, skilled, and a master, your routine journey to follow yoga becomes easy. 

Enrolling in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh will be an intelligent decision to begin your journey in yoga. An excellent mentor promises to grab the maximum outputs and approach towards more excellent health and wellness, the ultimate goal.

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