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Category: Yoga Tips for Beginners
Yoga Challenges to Improve Your Daily Practice
Yoga is a practice that provides multiple benefits to the performers irrespective of age, health status and other factors. And no doubt its popularity is also increasing day by day. And [...]
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Food Timings as Yoga
Undoubtedly, practising yoga is wonderful for the mind & body, but diet plays a significant role. And when it comes to following the right diet, it becomes more significant for [...]
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6 Asanas for Stress Relief, Aid Sleep, Weight Loss
Yoga is already mentioned in the Indian Vedic Sanskrit hymns called Rigveda. And with the years of research and development in the tracing of yoga. And yoga is divided into [...]
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Practice Yoga at Your Home
Although the benefits of yoga are numerous still, it’s so difficult for individuals to establish a constant yoga practice in their lives. But, it brings miraculous outcomes for the individuals [...]
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Yoga Poses Tutorials
Since traditional times, yoga has been considered a peaceful and healthy practice and not only for professionals, and it is easy to follow for beginners and get benefits from it. The [...]
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The essence of Yoga and Ayurveda
Yoga and Ayurveda are like sisters, they both originated from ancient Vedic knowledge of India and have a common purpose of serving mankind. These both can utilize for gaining disease-free [...]
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YOGA NEVER ASKS FOR HOURS We must have basic knowledge about yoga or Fifteen Minutes of Yoga Investment in daily life. It is better to do exercises yoga for at [...]
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What is a Yoga Diet?
Yoga is not just about making different postures to maintain a good balance, but one needs to understand that to achieve a balanced body one must practice a good diet [...]
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Yoga is a great place to start. Millions of people around the world have turned to yoga for happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives during the days of the COVID-19 [...]
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