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Category: Yoga Secrets
Yoga Challenges to Improve Your Daily Practice
Yoga is a practice that provides multiple benefits to the performers irrespective of age, health status and other factors. And no doubt its popularity is also increasing day by day. And [...]
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Common Mistakes People Make During Yoga Practice
Yoga has served individuals with strength, immunity, and vitality from ancient times. Not only this, it relaxes the body and calms the mind to promote health and wellness amongst individuals. But [...]
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6 Asanas for Stress Relief, Aid Sleep, Weight Loss
Yoga is already mentioned in the Indian Vedic Sanskrit hymns called Rigveda. And with the years of research and development in the tracing of yoga. And yoga is divided into [...]
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The essence of Yoga and Ayurveda
Yoga and Ayurveda are like sisters, they both originated from ancient Vedic knowledge of India and have a common purpose of serving mankind. These both can utilize for gaining disease-free [...]
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How to Control Stress with Yoga?
These days’ people are living stressful and hectic lives and they require a remedy that help them to reduce stress and provide mental peace. Yoga is here to help people [...]
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Asanas to Cure Day to Day Sickness
Every human being on this planet wants to live a healthy and happy life that is free from diseases. However, due to our modern lifestyle, we all face certain issues [...]
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Yoga a Quick Cure, The positive effects of YOGA on our body start showing as you start yoga practices. The practice of yoga should be done continuously and for a [...]
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What is a Yoga Diet?
Yoga is not just about making different postures to maintain a good balance, but one needs to understand that to achieve a balanced body one must practice a good diet [...]
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The perspective of Yoga School in Rishikesh the ‘Siddha Sages’ who embrace yoga in its everlasting in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, the yogic journey is about [...]
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