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200 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Certified YTTC Program

Yoga never was performed to use as a therapeutic practice or for injured or ill people. It was for people who believed in discipline and a healthy mindset. While yoga is not physical or psychological therapy, there are a number of yoga practices which has therapeutic parts. However, it’s a practice to attain mental stability and peace, or you can say psycho-spiritual growth which leads to relaxation and freedom.

In 200 Hour yoga Therapy Teacher Training, you will learn to lead a fitness routine which had proven to be very effective and is, thus explore by hundreds of people across the nation and now Internationally, among them, some have turned this practice into Therapeutic practice of yoga to soothe physical discomfort or to improve mental instabilities like stress, anxiety or depression. But what exactly therapeutic yoga actually is? And how therapeutic yoga is different from regular yoga, In 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh you will be trained to learn about the steps, to begin with, therapeutic yoga.

What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Yoga schools teach therapeutic yoga in the form of therapy which helps learners to practise yoga to improve mental peace and physical wellness. Meanwhile, yoga is basically connected with stress management and yoga therapy. Therapeutic yoga can help improve multiple mental illnesses, similarly, it can be combined with the combination of physical yoga.

In 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Therapeutic yoga has many techniques and practices which help the trainees physically to cope with physical problems like tension, aches, and tension- from a point- many injuries as well. The main work of therapeutic yoga is to release anxiety, and tension and to calm down the body from discomfort. Instead of building thru strong series, the concentration is on power poses. These poses hit defined body points and parts of the body to strengthen up and stretch in order to have long-term benefits. In short, yoga therapy is intentional as a dehortative, medicinal,  or remedial. When you learn Yoga in Rishikesh therapeutic yoga is a brilliant practice that imprints trainees with an intense feeling of strong well-being.

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

In 200 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, you will learn the difference between Therapeutic yoga and yoga. Yoga, in general, is meant for therapeutic and healing, though, yoga therapy means the use of yogic exercise which is destined for growing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Yogic tools like asanas, breathing exercises like pranayama, meditation-like dhyaan, and many physical exercises and soulful exercises are very helpful in the growth of peace we will achieve. if you differentiate yoga schools in Rishikesh have their courses maintained for both the yoga forms but precisely you will see some overlaps, meaning you will find the therapeutic yoga and regular yoga pretty similar but they aren’t, there’s always a difference.

Yoga therapy requires specialized training and a broad skill set in order to be able to build a strong relationship between the yoga therapy student (often referred to as ‘client’) and the yoga therapy teacher (also referred to as ‘yoga therapist’). This is necessary in order to effect positive change for the client.

How Does Yoga Therapy Work in Yoga Therapy TTC?

In 200 hour yoga teacher training, you will learn how to incorporate a variety of knowledge from different fields, starting from modern searches in body anatomy, psychology, and yoga. Yoga in Rishikesh mentions that yoga is a common belief, it is not for everyone, and more, not every type of yoga is suitable for everyone. The actual fact is, any type of yoga that is followed here or practiced in the common type of yoga has the ability to cure multiple issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and many autoimmune diseases. A similar kind goes for practitioners with body alignment having serious problems with postures imbalances and others.

Meanwhile, yoga therapy can be used in multiple settings of groups or one-one basis, you need to follow some basic steps. A yoga therapy trainer will start by evaluating the health issues of the trainee to process the custom therapy. The trainee’s treatment will be designed and relaying on the trainee’s activities, it can be also modified as the modules progress, meaning that the yoga therapist must understand why the trainee should have come to the trainer and decide how much a trainer can do to help them to reduce the risk of the illness they’ve been carrying. The reason why yoga therapy trainers should also be perfectly trained in understanding, asking, accessing, and touching the skills just in order to have trainees in the best way possible

200 Hours Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Therapy is usually centred on the physical practice of postures or asanas in a fitness setting. In many ways, it is a very good blend of pranayama and meditation. Generally trainees practices according to the yoga trainer. This doesn’t mean that yoga doesn’t have benefits for trainers. Meanwhile, these are very general and don’t aim for physical or emotional terms.

In Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course, you will learn about multiple impacts on emotional and mental health, in the record of 2021, we get to know that people started following yoga as therapy, just in order to cure their stress and anxiety. To be more centred yoga therapy helped people with many issues like stress, anxiety, panic disorders, alcohol dependence,  depression, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, post-traumatic disorder, and many more.

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Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy
18:38 11 Apr 20
I would highly recommend Yoga Adi, I completed the course in Feb-20 and I learned so much from each of the teachers. The accommodation... was perfect I was staying in a newly furnished building, although i would advise to pack warm clothes if its winter months as nighttime gets cold. The food was great and they mixed it up each day. Its in a nice quiet location out of the town and there is plenty of space in the building to chill-out and enjoy the sun/shade. Thank you for an amazing experience!read more
Vikas Pradhan
Vikas Pradhan
15:49 31 Mar 20
Hey guys, I had done my 200 hours yoga teacher training in "Yoga Adi". I had really great experience tidy accommodation, delicious... food, awesome teachers I'm so grateful for that and now I'm looking for 300 hours yoga teacher training with "Yoga Adi".Thanks for everything.read more
16:03 28 Mar 20
Tiffany : The best place in the world for me. I have never felt like that, I have never been in such a place. It is the best yoga /... healing place in the world and I now understand why people keep on coming back. I will definitely be back soon. Thank you for opening the doors of a happy life for me. Love you allread more
Aniston Wilson
Aniston Wilson
10:53 26 Dec 19
It was truly remarkable experience with 200YTTC program at Yoga Adi School. I was even more in love with my yoga practice. All masters... are very experience, professional, knowledgeable and compassion. They show us unconditional love with good energy, guidance, support and encouragement to all students. I was very inspired and motivated by their passion to yoga. Yoga become part of my life now, I'll say is a life transforming program and i found myself and feel so great that I can be a better me everyday. I really love the tradition India yoga teaching with unlimited yoga posture that i felt so excited to come to the class every time to learn something new. My heartfelt gratitude to such a amazing team, words really cant express how appreciate and grateful to the team of "YOGA FROM THE HEART", for sure, I'll be keep practicing yoga and pass it on what I had learn from here.read more
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson
12:07 25 Dec 19
Highly knowledgeable and professional teachers and helpful staff. Room was specious, clean and comfortable. I did not feel scared... there it was my first time in India and yoga journey ! Instead, will love to try more yoga.. thank you.read more
Evano Ta Ta Tai
Evano Ta Ta Tai
08:38 04 Dec 19
"Excellent Place on the earth"I spent one months here for 200 hour YTTC in May 2019 and loved every moment here. I personally have... never found peace like this place, calmness and happiness like no other. Here every morning starts with yoga and mantra, which make the day even happier,the yoga every morning and evenings too, the delicious food and festivals.Yoga Adi, it is a humble, basic but very comfortable place to come stay, reflect, connect, chant, practice yoga, eat fine vegetarian food or vegan food volunteer...all whilst being surrounded by the most refreshing scenery with constantly looking over you. Magic!read more
Sharon Ftita
Sharon Ftita
08:04 04 Dec 19
All the people working there are fantastic and have a passion for what they are doing. The food is healthy and very special, cooked... and served with love. The yoga is excellent with a variety of teachers and students sometimes teaching which we felt was an added bonus. We attended some yoga teachers theory classes and life coaching talks. The people there were international and interesting mainly young people many with interesting stories. It is definitely a place where you can have a very special time and immerse yourself in a more spiritual lifestyle.I cant describe how much i have gained out of being here, the variety of different yoga teachers and styles that you get to experience, the different classes.. Thanks and Namaste!!!!read more
Jasmeet Basra
Jasmeet Basra
09:55 31 Jul 19
"Incredibly authentic yoga experience"Yoga Adi has become more like a home to me than just a school. From the first day I was... welcomed like I was a part of their family. Made friends for lifetime, met the coolest bunch of people, ate the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted and seen some beautiful places. The course was a fine balance of everything what a Yogi needs to know. The teachers are real life Yogis each coming from different backgrounds of Yoga Styles, we got to learn so much by just spending time with them. I am taking so much from this place to apply it into my life and share it with my friends and family. Thanks for everything, I think this school has something special and authentic that they're sharing with Yoga seekers.read more
Ma Victoria Buendia
Ma Victoria Buendia
12:00 07 Jun 19
Sharing with you all one of the happiest days in my life. I got there with no idea of yoga and I left as a yoga teacher. I put all my... effort on it, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the great team at the school!!! Thanks to you all!! 🧘‍♀️💗🙏🙏read more
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