200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

28 Day 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yogaadi is pleased to offer a fundamentally sound 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. This training schedule is intended for 28 days of residential training in a mesmerising environment amidst the wonderland hills and terrains of the Yoga Capital Of The World!. The pure breeze full of oxygen flowing from the virgin forests and mountains will help you achieve a higher level of involvement while practising Kriya, Pranayama, and Vinyasa Yoga. Through these 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you will not only learn about the synchronizations of yogic postures with rhythmic breathing, but you will also learn how to explore divinity within yourself.

Our Vinyasa Yoga techniques are gracefully designed to provide you with a deeper sense of realisation and practice. You will practise yoga under the direct supervision of Our Teachers, who are all certified and experienced. Not only can you learn different yoga postures, Vinyasa yoga alignments, and breathing synchronisation, but you can also practise them with a deeper understanding of kriya and pranayama for effective teaching and knowledge sharing. This 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training will help you lay the groundwork for a career as a yoga teacher and will award you a certificate of merit from the Yoga Alliance USA upon completion.

Our Centre Of Yoga in Rishikesh

Yogaadi offers a Yoga Alliance certification in a 200 Hours YTTC & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course and a Yoga retreat. Yogaadi School is a vibrant, alive, and innovative institute that stands out from the crowd. It not only provides yogic practices, but also correct understanding, traditions, context, and meaning of yogic sciences, asana, meditation, and philosophy. Our training course is a professional-led, highly effective, and well-organised program. This journey will not only provide you with a new career path but will also teach you some amazing health facts about life. This will be a transformational and life-affirming journey with our well-trained professionals. By the end of the Yoga Teacher Training, you will not only be qualified to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Meditation Yoga, but you will also be knowledgeable about other yoga styles such as Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Graduates who pass the exam will be eligible to become RYTs® (Registered Yoga Teachers).

Our mission is to spread Yoga, the yogic message of love, kindness, and the commitment to spiritual development, in order to promote Yogaadi School. Yoga is a lovely and enlightening way to connect with ourselves and others. We believe that it makes no difference where people come from or what state or country they come from because, in reality, we are all one.

Rishikesh was chosen by Yogaadi because it provides a great yoga space where you can reflect, relax, and meditate while overlooking the Holy Ganges.

Yogaadi, the best school for Yoga in Rishikesh will teach students about different techniques for performing Yoga asanas that will be most beneficial to them. Yogaadi is well-equipped with all of the latest amenities for visitors and practitioners from all over the world.

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Description

As with many things, for yoga, the definition is contextual and dependent on who you ask. “Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term derived from the prefix vi, which means variation, & the suffix Nyasa, which means ‘within prescribed parameters.'”

Vinyasa is a type of yoga in which postures are linked together so that you can move from one to the next seamlessly while using your breath. It is sometimes confused with “power” yoga and is commonly referred to as “flow” yoga.

Vinyasa classes include a wide range of postures, and no two classes are ever the same. The polar opposite would be “fixed forms” like Bikram Yoga, which uses the same 26 postures in every class, or Ashtanga, which uses the same sequence every time.

The variable nature of Vinyasa Yoga aids in the development of a more balanced body as well as the prevention of repetitive motion injuries that can occur if you do the same thing every day.

Vinyasa, as a philosophy, acknowledges the transience of things. We enter a posture, stay for a while, and then leave.

While Vinyasa, or Vinyasa-Krama, dates back to the Vedic age—the earliest period of yoga thousands of years ago—it originally referred to a series of steps to make something sacred.

Put all of this together, and Vinyasa is a breath-initiated practice that connects every action in our lives with the intention of moving us closer to what is sacred or most important to us.

While Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga in the world today, it is not well understood by many.

What Makes This Retreat Unique?

This course is a transformation from student to teacher – come as a student, leave as a certified Yoga teacher.

  • Located in the Himalayan foothills.
  • This course is entirely based on the Yoga Alliance USA’s standards.

We believe in the traditional and high-quality style of yoga. Yoga Alliance, USA has approved our 200-hour multi-style Yoga Teacher Training course. This course is intended for students at the beginning and intermediate levels. Students who complete the course will be able to teach as certified yoga teachers.

We begin with the traditional Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga styles and explain to students how they can make their class more interesting by adhering to the traditional style. We demonstrate how to use the yoga sequence.

Who Can Apply?

Age and experience are irrelevant here!

You can participate in our courses whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level practitioner. This 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh will help you lay a solid foundation for your teaching and personal practice. You can apply for this course if you are a true yoga enthusiast.

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